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J-1 Scholar Host Responsibilities

Hiring departments of an exchange visitor must choose someone (usually a department member) to serve as host and provide an orientation to the University and the Rochester area for the exchange visitor and any accompanying family members.  The departmental host must have excellent English skills.

The departmental host will need to assist the exchange visitor with such things as:

  • housing
  • furniture and house goods rental or purchases 
  • enrolling children in school 
  • finding a childcare provider 
  • locating the nearest bank, grocery store, clothing store 
  • how to obtain emergency medical care 
  • how to choose a doctor 
  • how to purchase health insurance 
  • how to contact the fire and police departments 
  • how to buy a used car and obtain a driver's license and car insurance 
  • life and customs in the United States 
  • the cost of living in the Rochester area