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Bicycling is popular as a sport and as a form of transportation in the US. Therefore, many of the bicycles for sale here are very elaborate ten-speed racing models and rugged "all-terrain" mountain bikes. If you are using your bicycle for transportation only, you may not need such an expensive model. Used bicycles are advertised in all the Rochester newspapers. It is important to lock your bicycle securely whenever you leave it. The University's Security Office recommends a U shaped lock. These locks are sold at the campus bookstore. You should lock your bicycle into a bicycle rack, not to light poles, trees or posts.

Use caution: Most cars do not usually yield to bicycles! Before riding your bike off campus, spend some time observing traffic patterns, which may not be the same as the ones you are accustomed to. Avoid riding on the sidewalk, as it could endanger pedestrians. Always wear a helmet and ride defensively!

New York State requires that all bicycle riders follow the following laws:

  • Bicyclists between the ages of one and 13 must wear bike helmets
  • Children under one year of age are prohibited from riding on a bicycle
  • Never use more than one earphone attached to an audio device
  • Do not ride on the handlebars or fender
  • Ride with traffic, therefore, on the right-hand side of the road
  • Use bike paths where available, or ride on the shoulder of the road
  • Follow the same traffic laws as motorists, signal to turn, obey traffic lights
  • Use bike lights and reflectors if riding within a half hour of sunrise/sunset
  • All bikes should be equipped with a horn or bell and reflectors
  • Failure to obey bike laws can result in a ticket
  • Parents are responsible for the actions of their minors