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Opportunities for Visiting Study or Scholarship

The University of Rochester welcomes a growing number of international visitors each year, for purposes of collaboration, study, research, sharing of knowledge or skills, and similar short-term activities.

These visits tend to be unique in their scope and purpose, and visitors come from various backgrounds and countries and at different stages of their studies or careers. As a result, nonimmigrant visa options to support each visit also vary.

F-1 or J-1 visa categories are appropriate for most of the University’s visitors, due to the nature of the visitor’s program or activities at Rochester and how those activities fit into the visitor’s academic or professional career. Whenever possible and appropriate, the International Services Office (ISO) sponsors visiting students in the F-1 category instead of J-1. Federal regulations allow for incidental study in the B-2 Visitor or Visa Waiver Program categories in certain circumstances.

Processes for hosting visitors or coming to the University as a visitor vary. School and department policies for visiting students and scholars apply, in addition to immigration regulations.

Global Visitor Process

ISO provides immigration advising and support for the Office for Global Engagement's Global Visitor Process (GVP).

This process facilitates onboarding and supports visiting students and scholars in all University divisions. Global Engagement maintains GVP information, application links, and instructions.

Other Visitors

ISO provides immigration advising and any required processing for non-GVP visitors as well. These include participants in Summer at Eastman and Pre-College programs, as well as certain other short-term visits.

Contact program staff for questions regarding program applications and eligibility.