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Campus Resources for Dependents

The University of Rochester welcomes you to our campus and community. There are many resources available to help you get settled and feel more at home during your stay here.

Please contact or visit the International Services Office (ISO) if you need assistance, information, or a friendly face!

ISO Dependent Check-In and Orientation

When you arrive in Rochester, please contact our office! We will ask you to complete a simple immigration check-in form online. ISO will then review your immigration documents, including your passport and US admission details to make sure there were no problems when you entered the country.

University Identification Card

As a dependent, you are eligible to receive a University ID for a small fee. If you indicate in your check-in that you intend to get a photo card from the University ID Office, we will issue a letter to take with you listing relevant information to support your request.

Advantages of having an ID include:

  • Access to the University shuttle system
  • Use of all University libraries and the River Campus media center
  • Access to University athletic facilities (if you choose to purchase a membership)

Social Activities for Dependents

Sometimes the hardest part of meeting new people is knowing where to go. These social opportunities may be helpful as you start to get settled in Rochester.

University Groups and Associations

Depending on where you live or your relationship with the school, you may want to participate in other community activities available at the University, including residential groups, activity programs, and more.


Rochester Global Connections (RGC)

This community-based volunteer organization provides services to international students and Department of State visitors in the Rochester area. RGC offers social programming throughout the year.