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Healthcare for Dependents

Health insurance coverage for your family is crucial while you are living in the United States.

The cost of health care in the US is expensive and insurance can help to cover fees and services. Some health insurance plans will cover the full cost; other plans have specific exclusions or will cover only some of the costs. Be sure to research and understand your insurance plan before buying one for your family members who will be with you in Rochester. As you plan for health care expenses, you should also anticipate the cost of visits to the doctor by your family and how those costs factor into your health insurance coverage plan.

J-1 Exchange Visitors

Under US regulations, J-1 visa holders are required to carry health insurance and coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains for themselves and any J-2 dependents. The health insurance must meet or exceed minimum requirements set by the US government for the duration of their program. Willful failure to obtain adequate insurance may result in a termination of the principle J-1 Exchange Visitor program.

Family Health Insurance Options

Through University Health Service

University of Rochester insurance options, for yourself and family, will depend on your relationship with the University. When you are choosing health insurance for your family, check to see what is covered and what is not covered. An insurance plan that is less expensive may not provide the benefits you need.

If you are a full-time student or otherwise eligible for insurance through University Health Service (UHS), you can enroll your spouse/domestic partner and your children in the University-sponsored plan for full-time students. You must be enrolled in the plan yourself if you want to enroll your family members. The cost for the insurance for your family members will be billed to your student billing statement.

For more information about insurance for your family, visit the UHS website.

Through University Benefits Office

If you are insured as a full-time employee through the University Benefits Office, you may be able to include your immediate family members as well. Contact your department for guidance on whether you qualify for coverage through the University.

Selecting a Pediatrician

While in the United States, you will want to find a pediatrician to supervise the health of your child. A searchable list of Rochester area pediatricians is available online.