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New Student Intake Forms: Program of Study Details

Effective Spring 2021: The process for an admitted UR international student to request a new immigration document from the ISO actually begins with their program or admitting department. In accordance with any relevant procedures for accepting an offer of admission, the school will gather the academic and financial information required. Departments can access the New Student Intake Forms (NSIF) via URcompass to enter those details to our system.

Prerequisite System Settings

In order to locate the student's record in the ISO client portal, please ensure that the UR Student record is properly coded as a 'Prospective ISO Sponsored Student' under the Student Immigration Sponsorship Status field (select 'P' from the list). This information is located within the International menu. After setting this code, data will pass to ISO overnight and the record should be searchable within the next 1-2 days.  If a student ultimately does not need UR immigration sponsorship, ISO will remove or change this code. 

Data Entry Support: University IT has developed a process to facilitate updates to Student Immigration Sponsorship Status via a system report. Departments can generate the report by searching for students, editing the exported spreadsheet, and submitting an IT Support Ticket via email. Requests are typically processed within 24 hours. Please access UR Student Training, and look for details on 'Submitting a Request to Update a Student's Immigration Sponsorship Status' (under Student & Records Administrators).


NSIF Departmental Information

When you access the electronic NSIF, you will complete a short series of forms. Detailed guidance for completing each section is covered here:

  • Locate Record

    Access the New Student Intake Forms within the URcompass Departmental Services menu. Follow the prompts to locate the student's ISO record, which must match based on their URID and date of birth.

  • Instructions

    Review the basic information needed by ISO.

    Enter the departmental email address to be used for notifications related to NSIF processing. This may be an individual user, or a shared office account.

    Enter the student's email address to be used for notification that the NSIF is available for their completion and submission. Note: Students should be reminded to activate their NetID before accessing URcompass.

  • Academic Information

    Review the admit term, specific degree program, and academic major code that are passing to ISO from UR Student. If they are incorrect, please use the text field to identify the accurate details. Provide additional details related to the UR school, department title, and a simplified degree level listing (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, Other).

    Enter the relevant program dates to be listed on the I-20 or DS-2019:

    • Program Start Date
      The date the student is expected to arrive in Rochester and begin program activities, including any orientation events or required preparation.
    • Start of Classes
      The date the student will begin classes for the term and should be full-time enrolled (cannot be more than 30 days later than the Program Start Date).
    • Program End Date
      The date the student is expected to complete their degree/program requirements, if making normal progress. This date should be aligned with the academic calendar, not necessarily the end of a calendar month, etc.

    Indicate whether the student is proficient in English, according to standard admission criteria, and how that determination was assessed.

  • UR Expenses & Funding

    Identify the relevant ISO Expense Template for this student's program by narrowing options to your school and then select the template name from the list. The figures will populate in a table for verification. If one of the standard templates does not apply, please contact us at to determine the correct amounts and then enter them manually to the form. 

    Enter the total amount of annual UR financial support the student has been awarded and mark the different funding types included in that amount. Also specify the PRIMARY source of funding (Scholarship, Assistantship, Fellowship, Other).

    Upload a copy of the student's UR Award Letter or Financial Aid Summary, if applicable.

  • Submission

    Review reminders about next steps in the NSIF process. Confirm form data is accurate and type your name in lieu of a signature.


Notification & Updates to ISO

Upon submission of the departmental forms, the student will receive an email (to the account provided) with instructions to access the NSIF via URcompass and to prepare their required documentation in advance. The message will include the funding calculations provided in the form, for reference and preparation of financial documents. The departmental contact email will also be copied on this message for reference, and all future messages related to the NSIF.

If information on the NSIF Departmental Information forms change subsequently, please contact ISO at for next steps. Our staff can set the form(s) back to draft status to allow for additional edits. 



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