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New Student Info Form: Proof of Financial Support

If you are not fully funded by the University, you will need to provide evidence of your financial support with the New Student Request form. Documentation is required to cover estimated expenses for at least one full year of study. The ISO revises estimated expenses for each academic program annually, in mid-March or April. We cannot issue your I-20 or DS-2019 for the upcoming academic year until those figures are finalized. The estimated expenses will include the current tuition and fees associated with your program of study, living expenses in Rochester, and additional costs to support any dependent family members who may accompany you. Keep in mind these figures are estimates of expected expenses and may not fully reflect all expenses billed by the University. Please contact your department or Admissions Office for detailed information regarding program costs.

Living Expenses: For immigration purposes, the ISO is required to identify the average cost of living for international students, including housing, food, and other typical expenses. This figure is only an ESTIMATE and many students find that their actual costs will vary, either higher or lower, from this amount. For consistency, the ISO uses annual estimates from the Financial Aid Office for international students throughout the University. Therefore, please understand that the estimate listed on your I-20 or DS-2019 may differ slightly from the estimate provided by your UR academic department. Additionally, this estimate does not include travel costs or other optional or professional costs that you may incur here.

2019-2020 Estimate: For most international students, living costs are estimated at $2,095 per month, including housing, meals, local transportation, and personal expenses. The total estimate for your annual living expenses will be adjusted based on the number of months in an academic year for your program of study, which is 9 or 12 most often. For undergraduate programs subject to the room and board fees, those standard figures (estimated at $18,860 for the year) are used instead of this monthly calculation. The living expense listed for immigration purposes also includes an estimate for book costs, which are currently $655 per academic term for all students, as well as a $50 international student fee per academic semester. For information on the cost of healthcare and health insurance, please visit

Proof of Financial Support

Original and current documentation will be required when you apply for your visa or travel to the United States to begin your program. Only liquid assets are acceptable for proof of available funds. Retirement accounts, annual salary statements, tax documents and land holdings are not acceptable. These documents must be recently issued, within six months of the date of your visa interview or entry to the country. Please plan ahead to request and update these documents with your financial institution, as needed.

Acceptable financial support:

  • Original, unaltered bank certificate
  • Original, unaltered bank statements for checking or savings account
    (printed electronic statements must be stamped or signed by a bank official)
  • Original letter from sponsoring institution or company, on letterhead

Family or Sponsor Funds: If you are being funded by a relative, friend or other sponsor, you must show evidence that they intend to support your education at the University of Rochester. In addition to their bank statement showing available funds, they must provide a brief statement indicating their relationship to you and explaining that the documented funding is available for your studies. If your name is listed on the account, these will be considered as personal funds and a letter is not necessary.

All bank documents must include the name of the account holder(s), the account number, type of account, current balance and currency, and the statement date. You do not need to provide documentation of your University scholarship, award or assistantship. This information will be provided to ISO directly from your admitting department. However, you will need a letter or other official documentation during your visa interview and travel.

Acceptable Copies for ISO

To issue the I-20 or DS-2019, the ISO will accept scanned documentation of the originals listed above. When you submit your information to the University, you may keep the original financial support documents and include a photocopy or scanned electronic version with the New Student Request form. The copied version must be clear and readable. If you cannot get documentation in English, you must provide a translation to identify the required information listed above. If the copy does not appear to be authentic or may not satisfy official review at the consulate, we will request additional evidence and delay issuing your I-20 or DS-2019. In special and individual circumstances, the ISO may accept documentation from an electronic account, provided the information listed above is included. Please let us know if there are challenges in obtaining original documentation from your financial institution.


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