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Appointments & Student Drop-in Hours 

Our advising services are coordinated through ISO's functional teams that specialize in the appropriate immigration and support needs for our diverse international populations.

ISO Student Services

These services are intended for newly admitted and currently enrolled UR students in addition to UR alumni (e.g., recent alumni on OPT/STEM OPT/AT). Drop-ins and appointments are available for questions about immigration status, work authorization, travel, etc. Before connecting during drop-in or booking an appointment, students are required to review ISO website information and watch ISO workshops (if applicable) on CPT, OPT, STEM OPT, and other related immigration topics.  

Virtual Drop-In Advising Hours

During dedicated Drop-In Hours, an ISO Student Advisor is available to answer quick questions and to review documentation for travel, benefit applications, and more. An average drop-in lasts about 5–10 minutes. For more multiple questions or complicated questions, we will schedule a follow-up appointment. Please note that the following topics require an appointment and cannot be addressed during drop-ins: 

  • Immigration status problems 
  • Change of status 
  • Reinstatement of status 
  • Leave of absence 
  • Medical or academic reduced courseload (RCL) 
  • Economic Hardship employment application

Virtual Drop-In Hours are held via Zoom:

Mon/Tues/Thurs: 1pm to 3pm and Friday: 10am to 12pm 
Students will be admitted individually, but may remain in the waiting room until the advisor is available. Every effort is made to take students in the order they arrive, subject to Zoom capabilities.  


Scheduling an appointment allows time to speak in detail with an ISO Advisor about questions or concerns on a host of immigration and other topics. Appointments are scheduled for a 30-minute slot, at least one business day in advance. When requesting your meeting, please indicate whether you prefer to meet virtually (Zoom) or in-person at our College Town location. 

Please make sure to schedule your appointment with your assigned ISO advisor (based on the first letter of your Family Name/Surname). Your appointment may be cancelled if it is not scheduled with your assigned advisor. 

Surnames Beginning with: L, N, P, QRani Bhagwat
Surnames Beginning with: A, B, R, Z

Sandra Pittenger

Surnames Beginning with: E, F, G, S, TNora Henry
Surnames Beginning with: D, O, W, X, YGrant Li
Surnames Beginning with: H, J, K, M, VAlexander Falter
Surnames Beginning with: C, I, UElena Gruzdeva


Please note that we do NOT take appointments for the topics below. Appointments to discuss the following will be cancelled: 

  • Checking the status of I-20/DS-2019 issuance. For timeline queries, students should refer to the ISO correspondence sent after their request was received by our office. 
  • Review OPT, STEM OPT, CPT or other applications.  
  • Questions about SSN/ITIN, tax filing, and other issues not directly related to your F-1/J-1 status should be directed to


To make an appointment with an ISO Student Services Advisor, click the link below and schedule with your correct advisor:

Book with an ISO Advisor


  • Pay attention to the time zone when you schedule your appointment. 
  • Make sure to choose the right type of appointment (in person or via Zoom). 
  • Appointments can be scheduled up to two weeks in advance. No same day appointments are available. 
  • Appointments are available based on the advisor availability. If there are no appointments available and this is an emergency, contact ISO front desk at 585-275-2866 or email 
  • Make only one appointment at a time. If you make multiple appointments in the same week, all but your soonest next scheduled appointment will be removed from the calendar to allow for other students to take those appointment slots. 
  • Cancel your appointment if you no longer need it. If you get an answer to your concern before your appointment and no longer need to meet with an advisor, or if you are not able to attend the appointment, be sure to cancel it so that we can open up your appointment time to another student. 

To Better Prepare for Your Appointment 

  • For a Zoom appointment, before the meeting, please review how to join a zoom meeting if you haven’t used Zoom before. 
  • At your scheduled Zoom appointment time, be sure to have a good internet connection (WiFi is recommended) and a quiet place, if possible, to speak. Having a headset or earphones can help make your surroundings less distracting and minimize the noise level around you. 
  • For a Zoom appointment, go to the Zoom meeting room linked in your appointment confirmation email. Type your name to enter the room at your scheduled time. Please use the same name associated with your appointment. If the name is too different, it is difficult for an advisor to tell if the person waiting to enter the meeting room is the same person who made the appointment for that time. 
  • Please be prepared to give us your university ID number (if you have one) at the start of your appointment so that we can find your record in our system. 

Be on time! Our appointments are scheduled one right after the other, so if you show up late, we still need to end at the same time. If you will be more than 10 minutes late, it’s best for you to reschedule for another appointment. 


ISO Scholar Services:

» To make an appointment with an ISO Scholar Services Advisor, 
please contact your Immigration Advisor directly.