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Address Reporting Requirements

All F-1 and J-1 students are required to report a new US residential, mailing, or permanent foreign address within 10 days of any change. By using existing University systems, the International Services Office (ISO) gathers these updates electronically and will forward this information to SEVIS, in compliance with US government reporting requirements.

Your address information should be updated as often as necessary to make sure that your US and Foreign address details are current. Even if your address is only temporary (due to an extended vacation, authorized off-campus internship, in absentia, etc.), these changes must be reported within the allotted 10-day period.


Alert!Due to remote operations and temporary allowances for online study, ISO must keep careful records of students who are enrolled from outside the US due to COVID-19. Please make sure your address details are accurate and that you're compliant with any requests from ISO or your academic program regarding your enrollment plans, location, and travel.


Enrolled Students

As of Fall 2020, please use the UR Student system to maintain your current address information. You are responsible to maintain your address and contact information with the University in compliance with US immigration regulations.  Any changes will pass to ISO daily through an overnight feed.

It is critical that you use the appropriate ‘Usage Tags’ in UR Student to send the correct address details to ISO. Please follow these guidelines:

  • If you live in UR housing, this data will pass to ISO directly and does not need to be maintained on your address panel in UR Student. However, if your campus housing arrangements change, please contact Residential Life to ensure that your housing assignment is updated or removed. Otherwise, this data will continue to feed to ISO instead of any address you enter manually to UR Student.
  • Your off-campus US Residential Address must be tagged for Usage as “Where you live while at school”.
  • Your Foreign Permanent Residential Address must be tagged for Usage as “Where you live when you’re not in school, if outside of the USA”.
  • Your US Mailing Address must be tagged for Usage as “Where you get your mail”.

Please reference the University IT tutorial on Updating an Address in UR Student, as needed.

Note: This system will NOT make updates to your records in HRMSGLACIER, or the University’s Bursar's Office (for billing). You must access those records directly or contact the appropriate offices to make any address changes.

Graduates Pursuing Post-Completion Work Authorization

Use the F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) Reporting Form or J-1 Academic Training (AT) Reporting Form.