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TN Work Authorization for Canadian Citizens

The United States, Canada and Mexico are parties to the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) which replaced the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), effective July 1, 2020.

This agreement allows for expedited admission of certain designated business people from each country. There is an established list of these occupations in Appendix 2 of the agreement. The occupations listed are considered specialty occupations, requiring at least a bachelor's degree, though many require higher degrees and/or specific experience.

Note: While the TN status may be an option for eligible Mexican citizens as well, it is not the usual practice of the University of Rochester to employ Mexican citizens on a TN, but rather on another status such as H-1B. Please contact ISO Scholar Services with any questions.

Initial TN Applications

After submitting completed questionnaires (provided below) to the International Services Office (ISO), Canadian citizens may apply for TN status (and renewals) at US border crossings and ports of entry with all required fees and documentation. The hiring department from the University must provide the TN candidate with a letter on University letterhead.

Initial applications for TN status must be presented at a US border crossing to a trade officer no more than two weeks prior to the desired start date. Initial applications for TN status are not sent to USCIS by ISO for processing.

Extension TN Applications

For extensions, it is preferred and recommended that the TN employee goes to a US border crossing to reapply. This can be done two weeks prior to the current TN expiration date. Note: The US border crossing must have a trade officer present to process the application.

If the extension is to be processed by USCIS, all required questionnaires and documentation  (see above) must be submitted to the ISO at least six months in advance of the current TN expiration date.

Additional Information

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