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F-1 On-Campus Employment

Eligibility and Limits

F-1 students are authorized to work on-campus while maintaining valid status. This benefit is available immediately and the position or type of employment does not need to be related to your field of study. Work for any University of Rochester employer is permitted, including all University campuses, divisions, and departments.

Positions with an off-campus employer operating on University premises to service the campus community are sometimes authorized as on-campus employment as well. However, you should contact an International Student Advisor in the International Services Office (ISO) to review the specific job offer before accepting it

On-campus work permission is granted automatically with your student status, but employment must be limited to 20 hours per week during academic terms. Work is permitted full-time during annual vacation periods. The total of 20 hours per week applies to all on-campus employment, including:

  • Teaching assistantships
  • Paid research
  • Any other hired positions

To determine if a particular activity or award (fellowship, stipend, etc.) is considered employment, please contact your department. When documenting your authorization for on-campus employment, you will be asked to show proof of your F-1 status, as sponsored by the University of Rochester.

You are no longer authorized for on-campus employment at the University when you end your academic relationship or are no longer maintaining F-1 through the University of Rochester. This includes:

  • Completion of all degree requirements
  • Expiration of your current I-20
  • Transfer of your SEVIS record to another school
  • Violation of your F-1 student status and/or termination of your SEVIS record

It is important that you understand and plan ahead for the impact any of these actions may have on your ability to continue working at the University.

On-Campus Employment at Off-Campus Locations

Occasionally, work performed off campus can be viewed and authorized as on-campus employment for F-1 students. This option—also known as “On/Off employment”—is available when the employer is educationally affiliated with the University and the work is integral to a student’s academic program. All work performed under this category is considered on-campus employment and must be included in the weekly 20-hour limit during the academic term.

The affiliation between the University of Rochester and the employer must be negotiated and established according to the policies of the relevant University division or department, not ISO. Once the affiliation is established, students may request a copy of the agreement from the appropriate campus office, as needed. You should also obtain a formal offer letter from the employer and complete the ISO authorization form (PDF) to document that the position qualifies as on-campus employment. Procedures and appropriate campus contacts vary throughout the University.

F-1 students interested in this option should discuss their plans with an ISO Student Advisor and access the On-Campus Employment at an Off-Campus Location form (PDF).

Eastman School of Music Students

Due to the nature of their academic programs, the Eastman School maintains numerous affiliations with area churches, schools, and other arts organizations. These employers are known as ESM Affiliates. The Office of Academic Affairs manages all affiliation agreements.

Eligible ESM students will receive a letter from ISO documenting their work permission with affiliated employers under the “On-Campus Employment at an Off-Campus Location” policy. However, it is your responsibility to maintain all documentation related to your employment. This includes:

  • Valid I-20 and F-1 status
  • Job offer letter for each position
  • Proof of the ESM affiliation
  • Work records that show your total weekly hours (which must not exceed the limit of 20 hours per week during the academic year, including all other on-campus employment through the University)

Taxes on Your Earnings

All earnings, either through the University or authorized as On/Off employment, are subject to taxation.

Learn more about US Taxes and your eligibility for a Social Security Number.