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Other Authorizations for Off-Campus Employment

If you are considering one of the below options, please discuss your plans in detail with an ISO Advisor.

Economic Hardship

If you can no longer afford your expenses because of a significant change in your funding, you may be eligible to apply for Economic Hardship Employment.

This permission allows you to earn money to support your studies through off-campus work (up to 20 hours per week during academic terms and full-time during annual breaks). The employment does not necessarily need to be related to your field of study.

You must be able to document your financial need and demonstrate that the economic hardship is both serious and unforeseen. Authorization procedures vary for:

F-1 Internship with an International Organization

Students who obtain a qualified internship with a recognized international organization may apply for work permission under this category. You do not have to maintain F-1 status for a minimum period before applying, but the authorization must be granted by USCIS and can take several months for processing.

Most students who would be eligible for this type of work permission typically prefer to use F-1 Curricular Practical Training, which is often easier, faster, and cheaper to obtain through ISO. But if you prefer internship authorization, please schedule an appointment with an ISO Advisor.