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Employment Reporting for F-1/J-1 Students

Many recent graduates choose to remain under the University of Rochester's immigration sponsorship to pursue post-completion training related to their degree, using benefits of F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) or J-1 Academic Training.

Immigration regulations REQUIRE that you maintain up-to-date records through the individual school at the University during your post-completion work authorization. This means ISO must be notified within 10 days of any change in your residential address and/or employment activities. For J-1 students, changes in employment must also be authorized in advance by ISO before beginning any work at a new employer. F-1 students may change employers at any time, provided they meet the conditions of their OPT authorization rules or STEM Extension authorization rules AND all reporting obligations.

Use the appropriate form(s) below to submit new information to ISO. All employment information will be entered into your SEVIS record, so you must provide complete and accurate details. Without the correct information, ISO cannot update your F/J immigration record. Delays in timely reporting could result in the termination of your SEVIS record.

Please use these forms as often as necessary to ensure that your records are accurate.

Note: There are separate forms for F-1 reporting based on study at the Eastman School of Music, versus all other academic units, and the STEM Extension rules. There is also a separate form to report progress toward H-1B sponsorship and to request documentation of the F-1 OPT Cap Gap Extension, when appropriate.

F-1 Optional Practical Training

OPT Reporting Form (for F-1 students and graduates of all University schools, other than the Eastman School of Music)

Eastman OPT Reporting Form (for F-1 students and graduates of the Eastman School of Music)

SEVP Portal (for F-1 students and graduates of all University schools)

F-1 OPT STEM Extensions

Please review detailed instructions for 24-month STEM Extension Reporting Obligations

J-1 Academic Training

AT Reporting Form (for all J-1 students and graduates, regardless of their specific University of Rochester school affiliation)

Other Reporting Tools

Student Departure Form